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Toyota 97 tacoma auto transmission solenoid error

I have a toyota tacoma 97 with 169,000 miles on it and recently it started having an occasional problem with the auto transmission where it it will sometimes stop working and not shit out of first gear. The check engine light will come on and I will take it to the mechanic and the error the computer throw out is a bad solenoid, the mechanic turns the engine light off and the the car will run fine for a few week and then it happens again… please help

You probably need to talk to your mechanic about a referral to a transmission shop. The solenoid pack probably needs to be replaced before it fails totally and maybe damages the transmission. The computer has been detecting a problem and putting the transmission in ‘limp mode’ to prevent damage from occurring. Keep driving it like this, and you risk damaging the transmission, which will cost more than just replacing the solenoid pack.


What size motor?? 2wd or 4wd?? What exactly was/were the code/s that were pulled??


V6 4 wheel dr
I don’t know the exact code the mechanic pulled but said it was bad solenoid, also on one occasion the auto trans oil temp light came one, it seems to happen after highway driving and then stopped trying to move into first, butt not all the time