Transmission issue on Toyota Sienna

I have a Toyota Sienna 2001 with 167K miles. I got a new transmission installed at 82K miles. I just came back from the Toyota dealer for a service check up and I have a check engione issue caused by my transmission. The error message is PO773, shift solenoid electrical. What should I do? Is this covered on the warranty of the transmission replacement? Has there been recall on Sienna transmission?

What driveability problems is this causing?

It is not causing a big issue. The transmission is a little bit slower to change from speed to speed.

If the driveability problems are not that serious, then the problem itself may be relatively minor.

If it wasn’t just done during this service checkup, I would have the pan dropped and filter replaced - if you don’t do it yourself this has to be done by a trustworthy local business, and you need to insist that they follow manufacturer’s requirements for type of transmission fluid. I would not have the trans “flushed.”

And FYI: it is possible to have a relatively minor problem such as a failing solenoid which is not that expensive to fix. (It’s not exactly cheap either, but its nothing like a new or rebuilt tranny). However, at this mileage, you are very unlikely to find a mechanic who will tell you anything short of a rebuild. Its not necessarily that the current problem can’t be addressed without one. Rather it is likely based on the assumption that more problems are to follow, and they don’t want to get wrapped up in having you believe that they are somehow responsible for the downward spiral of your transmission.

In any case, I don’t know the Sienna tranny specifically, but it is most common for the solenoids that control trans functions (such as shifting) are controlled by hydraulically operated switches and such. Dirty fluid over time can interfere with the operations of these, and a basic trans service might help. Note that you will also get the complete opposite assertion - a “fluid change never fixed nothin’” kind of response. I personally started getting a solenoid related code about 3 years and 60,000 miles ago - I did several successive pan drop/filter changes and I no longer have this code.