97 tacoma

We have a 97 Tacoma 4x4 truck (70k miles) which doesn’t move. Engine starts and runs fine, but when I put it in gear and let out the clutch you can feel it engage, but it’s like the emergency brake is on. I have gone under the truck to check the brake cable and the tension is loose so it must be something else. Prior to this the truck drove fine. Any ideas? My only other thought is that just prior to it not moving I had washed and detail it inside, outside and hosed off the engine compartment. Could I have gotten something wet under the hood I should not have or bumped a control in the cab? This is my son’s truck and I’m not familiar with it. Any ideas would be appreciated! Gregg

Try putting it in neutral and rolling it. If it won’t roll, and that’d be my bet, then you probably have a brake frozen. You can jack up each corner, try spinning the wheel by hand, and find out which brake(s) is(are) frozen. You’ll need to have the 4x4 disengaged and the tranny in neutral with the parking brake off. Be sure to chock the wheels and do it safely.