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Toyota 4runner 2004 tensioner pulley replacement

I need advice , how replace engine belt tensioner pulley?

Remove the bolt from the center of the pulley and remove the pulley. Installation of the new pulley is the reverse of removal.


Tester is spot on. Sometimes those bolts can get rusted and be difficult to remove though. I’'ve had problems with those, where they don’t turn and the bolt gets rounded over. If the OP has difficulty, stop before rounding over the bolt. As long as there is no rounding over, a mechanic with an impact wrench can easily do it.

Wonder if OP wants to remove the whole tensioner assembly.

If I remember right some of those could be left hand threads so lefty tighty, righty loosey. Can’t swear for sure though, its been a few years.

Thank you,thank you,I did not try left hand threads,it had me going,i stopped before any damage to the tensioner. The once in a blue moon a guy runs into Left hand thread can result in problems!

Thank you , I appreciate your,good advice.