Replacing serpentine belt pulley

How do I go about replacing the tensioner pulley for the sepentine belt. It’s the one that once you loosen the nut, you push down to remove the belt. It’s for a 97 Ford Thunderbird. The old one broke off. Also, I bought a replacement idler pulley, thinking that was it, but it wasn’t, will that fit this one?


Which engine? Which part do you mean; the tensioner assembly, or the tensioner pulley? Click on this Auto Zone web page to help you see what you need:,15300657/shopping/partTypeResultSet.htm

Replacing the tensioner and idler pulleys is not a bad idea at this age if they have not been done before. At the least, turn them when the belt is off to see if they are turning smoothly and replace if not.

It’s the V-8 4.6. I’m just curious how difficult it would be since I don’t have the Chilton right now.