Toyota 4 Runner popping noise

I have a 2004 Toyota 4 Runner V8 sport with 250,000 miles. 6 months ago put on 4 new tires. Within the last month I have had: the front rotors replaced, full brake job, brake light replaced, oil change with new filters and a full detail. The problem is this popping noise. It seems to be come from the front, right side maybe. Doesn’t pop when I turn the wheel, hit a bump or when I am in neutral. It only pops if I accelerate hard or am going up a hill. The harder the pull the more frequent the popping. The car runs great. I have never had any issues. No vibrations or shaking. Note: when I had the rotors and brakes done the mechanic said that, “the right front caliper is missing a spring clamp. I usually have some laying around but I don’t right now. I have called around and no one seems to have one. It is just a saftey feature and shouldn’t cause any problems but if you bring your car back in, I will put it on for you.”
Anyone with any knowledge or advice please help!. I dive 210 miles a day and I must have my car.