04 4 Runner Noise after tire rotation



I have 90K mi on my 4runner and had the tires rotated recently. I asked that the drive train be lubed in the process (6 zerks). About a day after the procedure, I noticed that the left wheelwell area would make a soft clunking noise when turning right. Likewise for the right side when turning left. I initially thought the lugnuts weren’t tightened all the way but I checked a few by hand (not the best indicator) and didn’t notice a problem. The wheels didn’t seem to vibrate more than normal and the car still handled well so I ruled this out as possibility. I thought perhaps it was a buildup of ice since we just had a major snowstorm after I had the rotation. I had a car wash w/ underbody flush which seemed to make the sounds go away for about a day (but may have imagined it). A few days later I noticed that the clunking noise happened when hitting potholes/bumps and not so much, if at all, when turning). Now about a moth later the car has developed a ringing/jingling noise (like I’m dragging a chain under the car). The noise starts at v. low speeds and continues at all speeds. Any ideas? Could over lubing the front drivetrain cause this?