Toyota 3.5L V6 oil line failure-recall-affects 05-08 Avalon 07-09 Camry, 06&07 Rav4, 08 Highlander

Late model Toyota Avalon, Camry, & Rav4 owners have been suffering leaking or ruptured oil lines on the 2GR-FE engine that often lead to severe engine damage. The problem has become an epidemic and finally Toyota did a partial recall. Click this link regarding the Toyota V6 Oil Line Scandal let let’s hear what others have experienced.


There is one 06 Rav4 and one 07 Camry that had this problem on threads in cartalk.

Post a link here to the official recall statement from Toyota. Otherwise some unfortunate luck for some 3.5L owners and a vocal person posting a site.

Toyota USA is trying to keep it “under the radar” by calling it a limited service campain so there was no press release and it is not on their website, however, the 26 page document they released to USA dealers can be downloaded at:

They only sent recall letters to owners of about 10% of affected vehicles. On the other hand, Toyota Canada recalled 100% of affected vehicles and a copy of the recall letter sent to Canadian vehicle owners can be viewed at: -post # 415

Good luck with your quest.

Just only proves again Toyota and Honda are not the infalliable cars that people blindly recommend solely on “reliability”.

I feel bad for people who buy these cars based on that premise of supposed reliability primarily. They make decent cars at least.

That’s for sure. Honda Accoord 2008 & 2009 are the number 1 and 3 car on with its brake problems.

You’ll find throughout history…the car with the MOST complaints is usually one of the TOP selling cars…MORE CARS SOLD = MORE COMPLAINTS.

You have to break it down by # of complaints vs # of NON-Complaints. This ratio tells a better picture.

The internet should be taken with a grain of salt. People only complain and rarely complement on the majority of cars despite brand that make it 100k-150k without a lick of major or minor trouble.

Just only proves again Toyota and Honda are not the infalliable cars that people blindly recommend solely on “reliability”.

I agree with this.HOWEVER…There isn’t a car on the planet that doesn’t have a problem…What I’ve found with Honda and Toyota (and most people who own them)…is they have far far far fewer problems then MOST of the other manufacturers.