Toy hybrid

At my recent routine maintenance visit,the toyota dealer service mechanic recommended the following and I’d like to know which, if any, are truly necessary: transmission oil change at 60K mi ($260),inverter flush for the hybrid battery ($190), radiator flush $160, battery cleaning ($60).

First off, which model do you have? Secondly, what does your owner’s manual say?

The transmission fluid change might be a good idea, the radiator flush is probably way too soon and the “inverter flush” and “battery cleaning” sound to me like they’re in the realm of muffler belts and blinker fluid (i.e. made up). But, I dunno, I’m no hybrid expert-- but if they aren’t listed in the maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual, you don’t need them.

The maintenance schedule that came with the vehicle should tell you what’s needed and when it’s needed. The transmission oil change and radiator flush may be legit (although WAY overpriced), but the other stuff sounds totally unnecessary to me.

I think this dealership is making things up. “Inverter flush?” Sounds like a wallet flush to me.

Read the maintenance schedule. If you can find “Inverter flush” I’ll pay for it.

I can only add that I doubt if you need to go to the dealer for most maintenance items. While you have some unique parts in the hybrid, most of the service items are the same for your car as a non-hybrid. You are not obligated to use the dealer for service and using someone else will not invalidate the warranty, but do keep records. Not all dealers are bad (yours sounds like it is however) nor are all independent mechanics good. but independents are almost always less expensive.

I would look for an independent or another dealer if I were you and your dealer is trying to sell you services not included in the list in the owner’s manual.

I for the life of me can’t imagine what an inverter flush could possibly be unless they are talking about cleaning accumulated dust off of the inverter’s heat sinks so it can run cooler.

I have dealt with industrial inverters for large 3 phase motors and the transistors, mosfets, gated turn off scr’s, or whatever they are are mounted on finned aluminun heat sinks and fans constantly blow air through these aluminum fins to keep the device cool. I’m sure the inverter on a hybrid is similar.

This Dealer Is Good, But Not Great.

They are “good” at trying to make money in a down economy. However a “great” dealer would have advised you to have a tire flush. They could probably convince some customers to flush the winter air out of the tyres and replace it with summer air. $85 sounds about right, based on the prices for the other “services(?)”.


For $85 dollars, they better put in premium air. Maybe even synthetic air.