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A friend of mine is picking up his 1969 Corvette Stingray 4 speed from NH and taking it back to Montana with him, a total of 2800 miles. He has an enclosed car hauler to take it back in. Should he leave it in gear for the trip back or leave it in neutral for the ride back. It is going to be strapped down. Someone has said leaving it in gear for the ride back may ruin 1st gear or whatever gear he leaves it in for the ride back. Any thoughts, suggestions?

Leaving it in gear will not hurt it at all.

I agree, first gear handles MUCH greater stress on a fast start than it will with a strapped down car in a trailer.

Leave it in gear. Vehicles are professionally shipped with the car in first gear or park depending on the transmission.

Manual transmission should be in reverse with parking brake applied. Then use ratchet straps at all four corners.

The theory is that the oil will drain away from the gear teeth that are used. Then, the slight movement during shipment will have dry teeth rubbing against each other. For this reason, I’d use reverse gear. The reverse idler is usually in the bottom of the gear case in the oil pool. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to check the tranny oil level before the trip.