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Transmission longevity

I am a rural mail carrier. Should I leave my Jeep in first gear or in drive? I only travel about a hundred feet between stops. I noticed it shifting to second when in drive and wondered if that constant shifting would shorten the life of the transmission?

Leave it in drive.

Being a mail carrier shortens the life of the transmission, regardless of which gear position you use. It’s just the nature of the job.

In suggest having the transmission fluid changed according to the “severe service” maintenance schedule that accompanies your Jeep’s owner’s manual.

Try putting it in “2” and see how that works. An add-on transmission cooler would be helpful…

I would leave it in drive. I would also change that transmission fluid like very 15-20,000 miles.

Hopefully Transman will show up and comment. When it comes to transmission he IS the MAN. Whatever he says should be taken as gold.

If you are only delivering first class mail, then keep the transmission in first. However, I suspect you deliver magazines and other mail that is not first class. This makes “drive” the best gear for the transmission.

One thing you might want to do is to compare your miles per gallon with both approaches to see if there’s a major cost difference that needs to be factored in.