Towing for plowing

our city tows cars on street for snow emergencies. usually $250 with tow/impound/ticket. how about city having tow companies move the cars from bad side of street to good side? and send owner a bill for $50? and pay tow company XX dollars for each towed car? tow company has to haul car xx miles and it takes xx minutes for round trip. i bet they could move a lot more cars per hours if they only moved them 300ft? odds of damage are lessened with 300ft tow vs a 10mile trip to yard?

Because people park on both sides of the street, so you’d have to move the right side of the street over to the left, and then move the left side to the right, including all the cars you just moved, for the plow to do the other side.

As for damage, most of the damage you cause when towing a car is going to happen during or shortly after the hookup to the tow truck due to operator error. Once it’s hooked and moving, assuming it was done properly, there’s not much difference between 300 feet and 30 miles.

Plus, snow emergencies are declared and winter parking policies are clearly spelled out, usually in easy to read signage that the idiots are parking right under. $250 is a good incentive not to be a jerk again. It’s one of the few ways we’re still fighting the “I’m so special that the rules don’t apply to me, screw everyone else” attitude that’s become more and more prevalent over the years.


i thought it was even side/odd side but some streets have no parking on both sides till plowed. i think our city has signs that say night plow or something like that. and the streets that dont have signs are different. been awhile since i looked at the signs

Because there are probably vehicles already on the proper side that would make moving vehicles to that side difficult or even impossible .

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It seems that a growing number of people think that rules and laws don’t apply to them.


At $50 many folks would be happy to pay, creating more of a problem.

Because then the number of violators would probably triple.

Have you ever tried to parallel park a trailer or a towed vehicle?

The towing company would have to move the cars back and forth each time the plows go through. This sounds like more chance of damage, not less.

I showed up 10 minutes late to find my car gone form a no parking 4:30 to 7:30 pm. Car gone now what. Luckily I had a sticker on my back window from the 99th Infantry. We started walking towards the police station, and I see my car on a side street. I think they must clear all the cars then tow them to the yard. Perfect window of opportunity for me, I had a ticket, 75 or 125 dollars don’t recall. We hopped in the car and took off. Lucky we walked the right way and noticed the car.

off street parking is nice.

That’s a good common sense solution. The problem is common-sense among most city officials isn’t very common. I’ve seen city officials spend hours and hours at town-meetings debating on whether a pot hole is bad enough to repair or not. With the amount of money the officials were paid for their time to hold the debate they could have filled the pothole and then some.

Luckily we d not have to go through council, city has an app, turn on gps, submit it and they fix it. One was a washout next to a storm manhole due to sewer collapse they put in 3 new catchbasins, a new manhole, replaced the collapsed corrugated pipe. There was a "hole in the pavement with a 1 foot void underneath. Another was for potholes in our street. Took a couple of weeks but got filled in. Makes me feel pretty damn happy! Another was streetlight out, fixed within a week.

Towing is big business. At work, the street used to go to no parking at 4:00 and the ole tow trucks would be lined up licking their lips. Yeah plus if its congested, pretty hard to park them again nearby.

Happily I’m running out of stories and probably I’m repeating them. In school we had a U shaped entrance to the wife’s dorm and of course it was marked as a fire lane that everyone ignored. So I was parked there about ten minutes and I came out to the tow truck hooking me up. He wouldn’t let it down again but I just rode down with him to the station, paid my $10 towing fee (this was 1969) and on my way again.

Of course I was a little angry so I went to see the Admin Director to complain. He said yeah I’m really sorry but they are making us keep the fire lanes clear. Then he said if you think you are mad, you should have seen Loretta (Dean of Students) when we towed her. Picture a larger Miss Piggy and you’ll get the picture. What did I say? What could I say? The poor guy. Of course years later I was in the same boat.

It depends on the officer I imagine. So I was in a no parking fire lane waiting for people to come out of the theater, Officer friendly says you have to move. I said ok, sorry I did not realize sitting in a car waiting was parking, he said it is and you need to move, so I did. Been to the airport often enough where no parking passenger pickup only meant if you were in the car it was fine.

Because the taxpayer isn’t responsible for a piece of metal with tires. Even/odd applies to street sweeping. Doesn’t matter if they can’t get both sides the same day. Personaly i believe they should charge double for snow days. Read the signs that’s why they are there…not just to block your view of the scenery.

Why are you telling me to read signs ? I did not start this year old thread .