Tow trucks and automatic park

I saw videos these tow trucks tow the car from rear end to be able to make a space for their selves to tow the car from front end but while doing it they literally ride the front wheels on Park and drag it, it makes black tire traces all over the floor.

Doesn’t it damage the transmission ? Looks so bad.

Nah… no damage

As long as those wheels drag on the pavement, the parking pawl is still intact, and undamaged. If the wheels should happen to start rolling while the car is being dragged, that might indicate the parking pawl has given out, but it could also mean something else, like maybe the transmission shifted into reverse or neutral.

It’ll hurt the tires a tiny bit. But it’s one of those “if you don’t want bad things to happen to your car, don’t park illegally” scenarios. Of all the things that could happen to your car when you park where you shouldn’t, scrubbing the tires for a few feet is pretty mild:


Oooh. Lesson learned for that guy, I hope.

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Maybe. Based on the mentality of people who block hydrants in the first place, he probably sued the fire department. :wink:

I had a neighbor one time who was constantly blocking my driveway with their vehicles. I complained politely a few times; they apologized, said they were just parking there briefly and “didn’t think they’d get caught”. My polite complaints continued, didn’t work, they kept doing it. So the next time I could 't back out of my driveway b/c their car was blocking, instead of complaining I honked robustly as I was backing out. Out they come, to see what’s all the honking about. Then they complained to me, said “that wasn’t nice! you owe us an apology for honking at us!!” … lol …


After being as polite and tolerant as possible they actually blocked you so bad that you actually could not get out of the drive? Those people would have started having mysterious car problems, that I could assure you. lol


Here’s what you should have done, in my opinion

You should have used your floor jack, go jacks, or what have you, to move the offending car out into the middle of the street

And then when the neighbors happen to come out and find their car’s gone . . . because it’s already been towed away . . . you could say you have no idea what happened

Getting a car out of impound is quite expensive, from what I hear, and some people only learn a lesson if it hurts them financially

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Well I guess I am the nice guy, driveway blocked, called police, daughter needed to go to walk in clinic for an ear infection, and borrowed the neighbors car. Yeah people can be idiots.

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