Towing 4 wheels down behind a motorhome

I want to purchase a small 4 cyl standard trans truck to tow behind my motorhome. The ford people say that I can tow a Ranger, but only 55 mph. I see people doing it faster than 55 all the time. I realize that ford is addressing a warranty issue; but, I want to know if I can reasonably tow it at least 60 - 65 without sustaining damage. Thanks

What would the answer be if you got a towing dolly that kept 2 wheels off the road? A little expense to save a warranty might be worth it.

Here is a website that discusses the pros and CONS of exceeding the recommended speed

One concern about a Ranger is that while being towed the main shaft in the transmission is the only thing turning inside. There is no oil being splashed up by the counter shaft gears to the rear main shaft bearing, the pilot shaft bearing, and the thrust bearing (if it has one). The lack of lubrication and the heat involved would be a concern for the manufacturer with regard to warranty.

Also FMC may have concerns about the stability of a truck being towed at high speed, i.e. getting into a sway oscillation that breaks the tow attachment. So ask the company what their concerns are.

A two wheel dolly for the Ranger will not help as the rear wheels are the ones that cannot turn. Towing a vehicle at high speed with the front wheels on the ground is unstable. Also the steering gear has to be locked with a better mechanism than the steering wheel/ignition lock.

You might look for a front wheel drive pickup like the one Honda makes. In any case, consult the manufacturer’s information line as to which cars or trucks they recommend as tow vehicles.

Hope that helps.