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Should I Consider High Mileage Diesel truck?

I’m highly thinking of trading in my 2002 ford ranger at the end of the year (when I return from deployment) for a high mileage diesel truck. My reason is that I use my motorcycle for the MAJORITY of my commuting, not so good weather included. But whenever I want to use my pickup, it doesn’t have the tow rating necessary for a boat, or a camper, or to even tow my girlfriend’s car or other equipment from place to place when we move from place to place (in the military = frequent moves) and doesn’t comfortably fit my motorcycle in the bed.

I’m thinking a high mileage diesel pickup would be a good idea. I dont drive it often so I wouldn’t worry about running the miles WAY up there (probably about 100 - 200 miles a month). But I want to get a camper/toy hauler in the future and be able to tow my bike in the back and her car behind when we do station to station moves.

Is this a good idea, and are there better ways to do it than finding a reputable dealer or using something like “carmax” which inspects all their cars before selling them?


Why is a diesel on your list and not a gasoline powered vehicle also?

Don’t trust the seller to do your inspection for you.

High mileage and reputable dealer dont go together. High mileage and lemon lot go together.

I had an 03 2wd ranger, and sure the 4 cyl needed another inch after the floorboards, and sure I had to have 4 or 5 people sit in the back for traction out of certain boat launches and it only had the ball on the bumper but the tow rating was adequate for my 17’ 90 horse fiberglass galaxie boat and think you can limp through the 5 times a year you tow the boat and save tons of dollars for gas another vehicle payment. If I did not have a boat in MN that died and have to tow the current boat up 2 times a year with 2 kids a dog and 2 cats I would be happy. Did do one tow to mn with the ranger and I think you will be fine as is and save the bucks and troubles. Check the manual to be sure.

Unfortunately, my ranger is rated at 2000 lb towing capacity. Which means not EVEN my girlfriend’s car can be towed, ESPECIALLY not in conjunction with having my motorcycle in the bed. To be honest, a half-ton pickup will probably do the job just fine, but I was looking at a diesel 3/4 or full-ton mainly so I have that extra room in case years down the road I end up getting a toy hauler and want a fifth wheel attachment or something along those lines.

What’s the weight of the boat+trailer? The ball hitch is normally reserved for trailers 1500 pounds or less.

I think I may have confused some people…

Mainly, it’s to put a sport-tourer motorcycle in the bed and to tow my girlfriend’s CAR on a trailer. I would like to have a vehicle that has the ABILITY to tow a boat or toy hauler should I get one in the future. But for right now, I want to be able to tow my motorcycle in the bed of the vehicle, and my girlfriend’s car on a trailer OR tow a uhaul type trailer filled with gear.


One thing for sure, there are THOUSANDS of them on the market. Just open craigslist, any city, and enter “F350 Diesel”. You can own one for less than $6000…