Tow my truck with 4 wheels down

I want to tow my 1998 Ford Ranger, 4x4, automatic with 4 wheels down be hind my motor home. Can it be done?
Train man

If the hubs stay disconnected on the front, no problem there. If you can quick disconnect the drive shaft, maybe the back…Otherwise, I wouldn’t try it. Though an older Ranger wouldn’t be a big loss. ;= (

My self, I think flat towing any vehicle long distances is a bad idea. If you could at least get yourself a front wheel dolly rig, and put the tranny in neutral, that would be far better than flat towing IMHO.

I feel the front wheels are the least of your worries in a part time 4 by 4. They get pushed around all the time when in 2 wd regardless. It’s just additional mileage and maintenance. It’s the rear you need to add a quick disconnect . A Ranger is jst. a rwd vehicle in 2 wd.

Any modern vehicle with an automatic transmission, 20 miles is about the limit you can safely tow. The transmission has no oil pressure to keep the bands and clutches in the correct position and to keep itself lubricated…Some automatics don’t tolerate towing at all…

Do you have the manual? Is there an “N” position on the 2wd/4wd selector?

Here is a good list for “dinghy towing” (4 wheels down).

According to @missileman 's link, the '04 Ranger with the automatic is a ‘no’ (manual would be ‘yes’). '04 is as old as it goes.

As long as the drive shaft is removed, you can tow it indefinitely.

You can’t “remove” the driveshaft, as that would allow the transmission fluid to leak out. You can disconnect it from the rear end and tie or wire it to the side. From an aquantance’s experience, if you tow it a lot, and plan to drive it where you “camp” this turns into a big PITA. He eventually just bought a trailer instead.

Just put the transfer case in neutral. Yes it can be done. Your manul will tell how. If you use a tow dolly you will do the same. Been there done it.