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Tow Ropes

When I was stationed in Germany back in the mid-80s. I fell in love with autobahn driving. Since I was of meagre means, but addicted to driving, I had lots of -on it’s last legs- (TUV relative) cars. So, I got towed from time to time

by well intentioned locals. Getting hauled down the autobahn at 160+ kph by a mercedes W123 class vehicle in a VW van was the very soul

of excitement.

All that said, the handiest piece of gear one

could (and was required to carry) was a tow


These tow ropes, (the better ones) were hookless

polypro ropes. One would loop one end through

the towing eye on a car, then force the strands

in the rope apart, and stuff the end of the rope

back down inside the rope sheath, where it would

be grabbed and held like those old chinese finger

trap/hand cuff toys of old. This worked really


I’ve been looking for this product for many

years, (without success) in the US. That, and

a proper German first aid kit, like you could

buy in any fuel stop over there.

Anyone have any idea where I could find such a thing?

I always used tow straps or chains, not ropes, so I can’t help you on that one.

However, on the first aid kit, google DIN 13164 and you will find several vendors.

Since I am relatively cheap, I would build my own from this item list, DIN 13164 approved:

(DIN 13164)
Contents according to DIN 13164, the industry standard first aid kit solution for cars, vans and commercial vehicles when on the move.

Adhesive Tape X 1
Adhesive Bandages X 8
Large First Aid Packet X 1
Medium First Aid Packets X 3
Large Bandaging Cloth X 1
Small Bandaging Cloths X 2
Large Gauze Bandages X 3
Small Gauze Bandages X 2
Gauze Dressings X 6
Triangular Bandages(size 9) X 2
Gloves (pairs) X 4
Emergency Foil Blanket X 1
Scissors X 1

It’s illegal to tow a car on a tow rope in NH. A tow bar with backup safety chains is required. I suspect many states have similar laws.