Hey, GI, you a numa 10!

Sound familiar to you “Nam ers”? I need some advice/help: A Nam buddy of mine lost his leg above the knee from grenade blast near Pleiku. We have communicated cross country for over 30 years. As we have all aged, he aged faster because he had to use his hands, shoulders to help walking at times and his back which also got injured wore out a little quicker as well as his good leg’s hip. He now needs carpal tunnel surgery to both wrists. He called me one day to see if a van I had promised him several years back(82 RamVan custom interior found in junk yard) was ready and would it take a wheel chair because he was now in need of its support to keep mobile.

This will blow your minds, the day he called I had just passed a Vol of America auction and a handicapped modified 98 Dodge Caravan was coming on sale the next day. It had the lowered bottom or floor as well as a fold out ramp. A hospital had used it as a community service vehicle. It had 94k miles, 3.3 engine and a frozen rear wheel. I stole it at the auction since a snow storm and Artic blast hit at 5PM auction time and a very small handful of people showed.

The general body and interior are excellent but I have cut a lot of floor pan rust out and reinfored it.(replace sections of floor pan). Motor purrs, tranny clean but changed filter etc as well a front brakes, rotors, Rt. CV shaft, oil pan gasket (no debris in the pan) and plugs.

Here is the question: He lives in Seattle and I live in northwest Ohio.

Here are my options of delivery:

1. Tow the Van with my new Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 4.7l with tow package using a well built, extra heavy duty dolly. But I hate Interstates and plan using US route 2 across northern Michigan, Wisc., Minn, N.D., Montana, Id, and Washington. I know a good part of the drive is on relative flat plains but how steep is the route through the Rockies.? How rough on either vehicle is this route? I plan to drive back home thru Canada and can dismantle the tow dolly. U-haul trailer rental one way is 750+ and is supposedly very easy on the tow.

2. Drive the van without any towing behind and fly home?

3.Drive the van and tow a very small car so I can drive back via southern Canada.

4. Drive the van and tow a three wheel motor cycle, so I can drive back thru Canada.

As you might tell, I love the back roads where I can stop and see the historical markers, talk to people and totally admire God’s magnificent creation, the USA.

Any suggestions or warnings, precautions, admonitions???

DEE D Mau, you all.

Sincere thanks to you both. Welcome home to both of you.

I’d do the “drive it out and fly back” routine. Even with a proper rig, towing is still never as convenient as driving with nothing attached.

Another option is to drive it out and rent a car to return.