Looking for a fun car that's capable of towing


I’m currently looking for a new car as mine doesn’t suit my needs anymore. I’m after something that’s fun to drive while being capable of towing at least 1800kg (~3970lbs) but preferably 2000kg (~4400lbs) or more. I’d prefer it not to be a SUV or truck and would like something reliable. I’m also mostly looking at petrol engines as I only drive ~10.000km (~62.000 miles) per year and have read that a petrol is better in this case.

The main issue I currently have is that I’m unable to find something that meets all these requirements. I’ve looked at the BMW F11, Audi A6, Volvo V90/V60, VW Passat and Mercedes E-class but neither of these are known for their reliability as far as I’ve heard. Are there any better options that I’m missing? I know that the Toyota Avensis Touring 2.0 can tow 1800kg on paper but I think the 152hp 145lb-ft engine sounds weak for that.

The cars main job will be a daily driver and I’ll only tow a couple times a year but it still needs to be able to tow those times.

Does anyone here have any recommendations on what I should get? I have a budget of about $25-30.000 but I live in Sweden so the market may differ some. I’d prefer something cheaper but based on what I can find there isn’t much to choose from.

Thanks in advance!

In fact, it is likely to differ so much that the folks in this overwhelmingly US-dominated forum might not be able to give you good recommendations. In Europe, there are FAR more makes and models available than there are in The US.

And, another person’s concept of what constitutes a “fun car” could be vastly different from your automotive preferences.
If I asked various people to recommend a restaurant that serves “great food” without specifying all of my preferences and dietary requirements, I would likely get a lot of recommendations that didn’t fit my definition of “great”. Thus, “fun” is not specific enough to yield recommendations that will help you to narrow your quest.

All of that being said, if you don’t want any of the models that you listed, I think that your towing requirements–in Europe–are going to mandate a truck or an SUV.


Why not consider a Volvo?

Buy whatever car you like.

Rent a truck/SUV the couple times a year you’ll need it.


I agree with @It_s-Me , if it’s only a couple of times a year rent a tow vehicle, buy what you like for the other 363 days a year.