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Touch up paint

How can I get some touch up paint that actually works?

Since buying my first car in 1967, I have always touched up scratches and nicks. When I bought my most recent car last year, I discovered that ?touch up? paint as I knew it no longer exists. Industry wide (from the dealers and aftermarket) it now comes in a bottle with both brush and ball point applicator. The paint is too thin and watery to brush on - it just runs down and makes a mess without covering the scratch. The paint is too thick to go through the ball point applicator.

I use a fine tip paint brush instead of the brush on the cap. I thin the paint with lacquer thinner and apply several thin coats to fill in the scratch.

Ed B.

Could be an off market product…Try buying the dealership touch-up paint… I just got some from my local dealer …it works fine…ball point applicator is great.

I picked up a touch up “pen” for my wifes 02 Sonata at the dealer.

It has a felt tip at both ends one end has the matching color, the other end is the clear coat. Works great.

Thanks, I will look for one that has a felt tip. The ball point seems to be the problem

As I said the problem is industry wide. I have tried both dealership and aftermarket. same results.

If you’re lucky a Hyundai dealer will have a matching color and you’ll be good to go.