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Torque while counterholding

1987 Porsche 944 NA

the manual calls for the fuel pump cap nut to be torqued to 22 Nm “while counterholding”.

is there a specific operation meant by “counterholding”, or does this mean trivially holding the pump fixed while rotating the nut?

if there is a squared off spot on the pump body near the nut that you can slip an adjustable wrench on I would hold it there as close to the nut as possible. possibly there is something else that could turn or break if you don t counterhold it right

The pump should have a hex on it and if not there should be a hex on the banjo stud that screws into the top of the pump. Use another wrench to hold the hex while tightening the banjo bolt.
Failure to do so can cause the fuel line to twist as the bolt is tighetened.

perfect @wesw @ok4450 - there is in fact a hex nut to counter with. And I probably avoided damaging the pump, much appreciated.