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Bleeding a Stubborn Clutch

I have an '88 F250 of which I put a new clutch into and I’m having issues bleeding the clutch system. I’ve done the pump and pay method and literally after 200 pumps, still never hardened up, then I tried the drain style, loosen up the bleed screw and drain fluid through the system and still never worked. Then I replaced the master, slave, and line only to try both methods again and still never worked. The replacement parts are from Napa, hose from Ford. Help please.

If you get desperate and determined, attach a snug fitting length of vacuum hose to the bleeder connector and run the other end to the reservoir. With the bleeder open 1/2 turn pump the pedal and pay attention to any increase in resistance. It would be wise to tie the hose in place and wrap a rag around the reservoir cap to prevent brake fluid from ruining any paint or rubber.

Bleed the clutch as normal, and once you stop getting air, close the bleeder, get in the truck, push the clutch to the floor and slide your foot off the pedal, allowing it to snap back up. Repeat a few times and see what you have. I have had to do this with every Ford hydraulic clutch I have worked on and originally got the suggestion from Alldata. Give it a try and report back.

Mark, I tried your method and the pedal hardly has enough push to return up, nonetheless snap like it should. Knox, I’m lost in your approach, the bleed screw is more of a countersunk bolt, it doesn’t have a nipple on it. I assume your intending to create a continuous loop for the fluid?