Torque Settings for front Brake Bolts on Volvo V70, 2001

I was wondering if anyone has information regarding the required torque for the mounting bolts on the disk breaks for a volvo v70, 2001.
I live in Norway and have not gotten a hold of an english repair manual.
Still looking to get the manual from the states but gotta change brakes soon!
Thanks for your help.

Are you talking about the little set screws that secure the rotor (disc) to the hub?

If so, you are overanalyzing it. Just use your best judgement and/or your “calibrated” wrist

Sweden? Volvo? Perhaps your local dealership parts department can adise you on the proper torque.

Thanks guys for the reply. The response I got from the dealership was, ‘real tight’.
I finally got a manual and it said 80 ft-lbs. I believe it was for mounting the calipers.
Thanks for the help and sorry for the delayed response!


80ft-lbs sounds like the torque for the caliper bracket bolts.

No offense, but you didn’t explain that very well in your initial post

To me, it sounded like you wanted the torque for the rotor set screws