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Torque converter to drive plate bolt

This is the first time I am pulling an engine out. I have followed the manual step by step now I have to remove the bolts from the torque converter to drive plate. It says to turn the crankshaft in a clockwise direction to align the bolts. My question is how do I turn the crankshaft

Pull the spark plugs and put a large socket wrench on the front crankshaft pulley is the usual method.

Mark the drive plate and TC with a Sharpie as you remove the bolts to make sure you re-install in the original position. I don’t know if a Liberty has a balanced TC and the drive plate should have the bolt holes offset to ensure it fits in only one position - better to be safe than sorry.

Avoid placing any loads on the drive plate as you remove the engine, it’s thin steel and damages easily. Once the engine is removed thoroughly check the plate for cracks and other damage.