2002 Jeep Liberty Engine swap

I am trying to repace the 3.7 motor in my 02 Liberty. What a nightmare! I was in the process of putting in a used engine and discovered that the tourque converter front cenering knop will not fit into the new motors crank. Is there a way to fix this and make it work? Did I get a incorrect motor for this 2002 Jeep. If it an incorrect year motor? Any advice…


I had to change the transmission in my first car for a different year junkyard tranny. The length of the tranny was fine, but I had the same problem - the torque convertor didn’t fit onto the crank gear. I brought the tranny back and ultimately got one that did fit.

It MIGHT be possible to buy the correct torque convertor and replace your existing convertor in your existing transmission. I’m sure someone will jump all over this answer if that is not possible for whatever reason.
I doubt you want to remove the engine and start over at this point. In the end, maybe replacing the transmission to match the engine will be necessary. Of course, you may run into other issues - length of the transmission comes first to mind. This will in turn require a shorter or longer drive-shaft.

I agree. The days of easy engine swaps are gone forever. If the model and years don’t match then the swap will not go well. To make matters worse some engine/tranny combinations in the same year models are sometime different.

I am in the middle of doing this right now, I bought a 2002 liberty 4 wd for $300.00, with a siezed motor, apparently the owners 17 year old ran it low on oil, and kept driving with the light on!! I pulled the motor this past weekend (no easy chore to say the least). The liberty is in nice shape, 60,000 miles on it, but after close examination, the cam gear on the drivers side was snapped off the end of the cam. With this in mind, I have been getting re-build quotes for this engine. the prices are all over the place, and as an old gear head, I would rebuild any american engine, but the twin chain mercedes engineered engine is literally foreign to me. I am thinking that this is why the prices vary so wildly. I would want a shop that is proficient in rebuilding these chain motors as I call them, so, my question, Is there an engine swap conversion kit, or something out there that I could put in this vehicle?. I would really like to put a conventional single cam engine in this, out of a comparible chrysler vehicle. Any suggestions anyone?

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If you’re referring to the stub on the torque converter nose this usually fits into a recess in the crankshaft. If it will not fit then there was likely a production change somewhere along the line and the engine is incorrect for the year and VIN range.

Theorizing here for a minute, did this new used engine come out of a Jeep with a manual transmission?
If so, it could be that what’s holding you up is the pilot bushing or bearing in the end of the crankshaft. A vehicle with an automatic transmission will not have this bushing.
If this is the case remove the pilot bushing/bearing and see if the converter stub will fit then.

As to the poster with the rebuild comment prices will be all over the map and in my opinion a shop should not even give an estimate on something like this except in a vague general sense. (About 5 grand…that kind of thing.)
Generally an engine that has been through what that one has gone through is really not worth rebuilding. The cost of parts and auto machine shop work alone makes it a lose/lose situation.
I’d go with a low miles salvage yard motor.

It will fit. I just had the same issue putting a 2007 3.7 V6 in a 2003 Jeep Liberty.
There is a thrust type bearing in the rear of the crankshaft, shat can be removed. Is is installed in some of the Jeep liberty models even if they are automatic transmissions. There are different size snouts on some of the converters. I removed the smaller one and then it worked fine with my transmission converter.

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Thanks was having the same problem just checked a pilot bearing is in , you would think the machine shop would’ve pulled it out, broke the flywheel cover plate trying to pull it together so pulled the engine back out for the third time and seen the pilot bearing, thanks for the info