91 nissan sentra

I’m trying to replace the timing chain on my wife’s car and am trying to get the harmonic balancer off. MY question is “how do i get it off?” Chilton’s says not to use a jawed puller and it has no threaded holes to use a steering wheel-type puller. So, is Chilton’s saying not to use the jawed type since it shows the other type puller in it’s schematics or what? It says that using a jaw type will cause “the outer ring to be pulled from the inner portion.” So, what gives?

My Haynes repair manual refers to a “crankshaft pulley” which has a bolt torqued to 100 foot pounds. My Haynes doesn’t say anything about using a puller…It just says to, “remove the crankshaft pulley”.
If you have the center bolt removed, use two screw drivers, on opposite sides of the crankshaft pulley, to “walk” it off the nose of the crankshaft. Don’t use a puller!

thanks, that worked. much obliged.