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Tor repair or Not to Repair, that is the question

Okay, my 2003 VW Beetle ran out of oil due to oil pan puncture, and the engine froze(?). The shop where I took it states that they cannot fix. My question is to fix or not to fix? The bug is in good shape, 111k miles, just spent $600 on new tires. It’s a Turbo Diesel, 1.9L, ALH. ANY help/advice is appreciated!!

Start shopping for a new, used, or rebuilt engine. You can also shop your car to see what you can get for it “as is”. Once you have the numbers you can make a decision.

Check with your insurance carrier to see if this is covered under comprehensive or collision of your policy. You hit something to put a hole in the oil pan and it maybe covered by your insurance.

If not covered you are in a tough spot. The repair cost is close to the value of the car. Without a running motor the car has much less value. You’ll probably be best off fixing it if you can find a good price on a used engine installed. Check with area salvage yards and see if they have a motor and what they would charge to switch out the old one for a used one.

I think you are looking at a, new to you, engine.

I do suggest that you stop by TDICLUB.COM. They may be able to offer you some good ideas, and possible locations where to obtain that engine and a local mechanic that can do the job. While the job is not diesel related, the actuarial fix should be done by someone who knows TDI’s and I really don’t recommend most dealers.

Do not try to repair the original engine.

I’d choose a professionally rebuilt engine as opposed to a used (junk yard) engine.

What the rest of 'em said. Your engine is scrap. Get another engine for it and put it in if you want to. Otherwise, if you don’t absolutely love the car, this is a good time to get a different one.