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I have an 82 Jeep CJ7 Laredo with a blown head gasket. Its been taken apart & I have the new gasket for it. I want to sell it, as is, but wasn’t sure how much to ask for it? Any ideas?


Just curiousmo

Here is a picture of the Jeep I’m talking about.

Just curiousmo

either fix it first or give it to the first person that will tow it away for free.

I agree with @jtsanders - a non-running vehicle is worth a fraction of a runner. While you may think ‘it just needs to be put back together’, the buyer thinks ‘what else is wrong? transmission? bad engine? who knows?’ Spending a few hundred here could yield a few thousand.

Any prospective buyer can NOT know, nor test, what else may be wrong ( or right ) with the engine.
compression ?
Rod and main bearing play ?
Leaks ?
Lifter noise ?

How hard would it be for you to finish the headgasket replacement?

Unless you find the right Jeep enthusiast with the right skills with money to burn, it’s worth next to nothing, so I suggest finishing the repairs to get it running before trying to sell it. Prospective buyers are very leery (and rightfully so) of a vehicle they cannot see run and drive and have to take the seller at their word on the driving condition of the vehicle prior to disassembly.

There are Jeep forums and posting there might get you some good leads. As a previous Jeep fan, the car looks good and I am sure an enthusiast would want to have it and fix it.

A blown head gasket is rare on Jeep engines. They sometimes overheat to the point of collapsing piston rings and seizing pistons without blowing the gasket. A cracked head is more likely than a blown gasket in my experience.

I was going to say $500. A vehicle with no engine is not worth much. And a disassembled engine with a box of parts is no engine.

So if I do put it back together & everything is fine, what do you think it is worth?


You can see what folks are selling early '80s CJ-7s for on ebay,, etc. My place to look is the completed listings on ebay, that’s what folks were willing to spend (asking prices can be all over the place).

Looking at completed deals are best. Anyone can ask for anything on their car, but whether or not they get it is another story

In my experience, Jeep CJs hold their value better than any other vehicle. It may be 30 years old, but it will still bring $2500 or so if it runs and drives OK and not a rust bucket. If it’s not running, it will crush by the ton for about $225

I have a 1960 CJ3 I would sell for $5000. It’s not cherry, but it is red.

Either fix it or have it towed to someone that can. You will get very little for it as-is, as others have said. Would you buy a vehicle that isn’t running? Beyond the hassle of repairing it, if you can’t test drive it, there could be any number of other things wrong with it.

If you fix it or get it fixed, you will at least recoup your cost of the repair plus some.

It’s too old for Kelley BB to even guess. But it ain;t much. Less than $1000 I’d guess.
Trouble is, if you don’t fix it, it’s worth zip.