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2002 Ford Explorer Advice

My car is a 2002 Ford Explorer with 140k miles. We’ve replaced the thermostat, thermostat housing, radiator tank, air filter, and a few hoses… however, it has a significant head gasket problem that was only patched by a mechanic. It will probably last a few months. It runs, but with the engine making a creaking sound at idle.

How much could I sell this for realistically? I see other 2002 FE’s listed for 3 grand. How much should a head gasket take off the price?

The question should be why would anyone buy a vehicle that needs major work. And don’t you already have a thread about this same vehicle?

I sure do. We are in the process of finding out what is wrong with it and attempting to sell it for a fair price.

Isn’t that what the forum exists for?

I’m thankful for all insight and responses but it seems yours is just to make me feel stupid.

Edit: looking at your profile, it seems you respond to everyone as if they’re idiots. If we were all mechanics and didn’t need help, the forum wouldn’t exist. Please be constructive or move along.

A fair price would be Blue Book, or NADA, or Edmunds minus the cost of a head gasket. Be honest with the buyer. You will sleep better and cause yourself less hassle from any buyer you might trick into thinking this SUV is OK.

Not sure what a head gasket would cost for this SUV but if you’ve gotten an estimate for. say $1000, set the price at $2000 and hope. It is a big risk for the buyer. It could be far worse than a head gasket and they will offer accordingly. Good Luck, selling broken vehicles for any decent money is tough.

Extremely helpful advice. Thank you :slight_smile:

Around here you’ll spend close to two grand to replace the engine. It’s toast. And that would be for a good used engine. Not a remanufactured one.