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Top Tier Fuel or a Cheap Bottle of Additive?

That might be true regarding Sam’s, but it is not the case with Costco–at least in my state.
In NJ, everyone pays the same price for gas at Costco, regardless of membership–or not.

2009 ?
Hmmm . . waaay back then , the term ‘‘top tier’’ may have been definitive but after seven years , things have changed in the fuel business and no new update has been issued for the owner’s manual.
In that owner’s manual . . read what OCTANE rating you should use and stick with that wherever you gas up.

“Top Tier” is a specification for a higher level of detergents that the minimum required by the Feds. It’s backed by several automakers.


I don’t think you need to add anything to each tank of non-Top Tier fuel. One bottle of fuel system or fuel injector cleaner with each oil change would be plenty. I am not loyal to any particular brand.

Costco sells prescription medicines to anyone. I’ve never had a need to use them for that. Quoth their pharmacy’s signin page: ‘Non-members may be assessed an additional surcharge. The surcharge does not apply to prescription items.’

Quoth the Q&A page about gasoline: ‘The Gas Station is open to Costco members only. There is an exception: Costco Cash Card customers do not need to be Costco members.’

When I lived in SoCal AAA had the cheapest insurance (less than half of the closest competitor), not including the rebate I got every year because I never made a claim or needed a tow or a start or… I stocked up on maps though.

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I use mid grade top tier gas as a matter of preference. Every year or so I might add some seafoam, just because I do. Now I do not chase all over looking to save pennies on a gallon, sure I skip the BP that charges $.50 more a gallon than the one that charges $.20 a gallon for mid grade, now at 250 gallons a year it looks like $50 a year for me, How does $ compute for you?

However, that policy is overridden by state law in NJ that prohibits “membership” as a requirement for buying gasoline.

There may well be other consumer-friendly states with similar statutes on the books, but I can only say authoritatively that in NJ, anyone can buy gasoline at Costco, membership notwithstanding.

NJ also doesn’t allow you to pump your own gas.

…in theory…
I have been doing it myself for the past 50 years or so, and the mythical gasoline police that people seem to fear have never materialized. If you do an internet search for reports of somebody being…detained…or fined…or arrested…or even censured for filling his own gas tank in NJ you will find zero instances.

Yes, if someone wants to sit in his/her car and waste extra time (in addition to the chance of having the tank overfilled) by waiting for the gas attendant, then one can certainly do so.
I, on the other hand, take charge of the situation myself and nobody ever stopped me from fueling my car. In fact, most gas attendants shout “thank you” from their distant location as I take my receipt and drive away.

Not true if you hold a commercial driver’s license. If you hold a CDL, the state assumes you have the requisite skills to dispense your own fuel.

" If you hold a CDL, the state assumes you have the requisite skills to dispense your own fuel."

That is true, but the entire issue is a…non-issue…even for car owners.

Neither does Oregon. I have yet to hear a reasonable explanation as to why. Seems to me having to have the gas station staff fill your tank just raises the retail cost of the fuel and makes filling your car take longer. Neither of which are good for the consumer.

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Somewhere in the middle of the thread the OP said we can call the case resolved and close the thread; just saying!

My State Farm roadside assistance and towing is about $2 per month.

Several years ago, my car insurance company (NJ Manufacturers, which is consistently the #1 or #2 rated car insurance company nationally, according to Consumer Reports) began including Roadside Assistance at no extra cost.

Because of a comment that I saw in this forum–claiming that a call for roadside assistance from your insurance company would count as “a claim” against your policy–I phoned my insurer’s 24 hour hotline to ask whether or not that statement is true. After the woman got finished giggling, she confirmed that calling for their roadside assistance does not constitute a claim against your policy.

She went on to explain that, by limiting the amount of time that their insured drivers have to spend on road shoulders or other potentially dangerous places, their claims are actually reduced, due to a reduced exposure to other vehicles that could potentially collide with the insured’s vehicle.

…and yet, NJ almost always has the cheapest gas in the region.
Go figure…

I have not noticed much price difference between Oregon and neighboring states. Washington and California are actually higher but they are “death by taxes” states. Eastern Montana and Wyoming are substantially lower. As far as I know Oregon has no exemption for CDLs in general. The only self serve I know of is for permanent fleets. The unattended stations are owned by Pacific Pride. Refueling at them requires their card. The company I drove for used them. I could not show my CDL and be allowed to pump my own fuel anywhere in the state. I have heard that the ban is usually not enforced in New Jersey. The difference could be that the customer pumping fuel in Oregon is not cited. The business that allowed them to is. I don’t worry about my tank being overfilled. The attendants are not allowed to add fuel after the nozzle shuts off unless the tank is obviously not full. They will ask if the amount sounds correct or have you check the gauge.

Since the statute that “prohibits” NJ motorists from filling their gas tanks does not specify any penalty for doing so, that helps to explain why the statute is not enforced in NJ.
If there was actual enforcement, and if there was actually a stated penalty for filling one’s own gas tank…How would I have been able to escape being arrested…or cited…or fined…or detained…or even…censured…over the past 50 years? :astonished:

By my best estimate, I have violated this statute at least 3,000 times over the past 50 years, but I have never had any problems with my practice of filling my own gas tank in NJ.

I am consistently amused by the folks who live in constant fear of the mythical “gasoline police” in NJ.

Chris Christie will knock on your door and demand a dozen fresh Crispy Cremes . . . or you’ll go to jail


@VDCdriver;What I have heard about roadside assistance through your insurance, is that if you have a few calls, they increase your rate because they assume you are a “higher risk” driver.

I am not sure if this is true, haven’t tried it myself.