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Too much gas car wont start?

Okay so last night I put gas in my car and put too much in, it stopped at 20 but i thought that was not enough seeing i was on empy…so i kept going til it was at 23 but when i took the nozzle out, gas came out with it. So I drove home my car, and this morning my car wouldnt start. It sounds like it wants to start but it wont… Do you think the overflow gas is causing it not to start? I also checked my oil and I barley have oil so idk if its that?


How many quarts were down you on oil? What kind of car is this?

No, I don’t think the gas over-flow caused the no-start. You drove home, didn’t you?
You could be right about gas not going to the engine. The fuel filter is probably very old and dirty and hampering fuel flow. Change the fuel filter, and recheck. If no change, have the fuel pump (fuel pressure) checked.

What year is the car?
What engine?
How many miles on it?
how’s the maintenence been? Been keeping it up to schedule?
Can you further describe “barley [sic] have oil”?