Too many kids for the Car

My family (7 kids ages 1-6, 2 sets of twins, my wife and I ) have outgrown our 2003 MPV.

I have a 05 E-150 in my sights, only problem is the lack of a third row seat (and saftey restraints) Can this van be outfitted for such?

I have an '01 Toyota Sequoia that is big enough, but has only 6 passenger restraints in the back 2 rows of seats. You have one to many kids!

It looks like you need something like an airport transporter van to seat everyone. Those are either E-150 or more likely E-250 Ford Vans.

Check and see if VW still has a EuroVan that can be set up with enough seating.

You may have to drill holes in the floor and reinforce it to safely restrain the 3rd row. Pull the carpet back to see what the floor configuration is. Also, the 3rd row may mount above the gas tank. If so, how will the bolts be secured through the floor?

I’d look for a van that has room for at least 9 without modifications. In addition to the Ford E-series, you might look at the Dodge Sprinter. The high roof will make standing in the passenger section easier for you and the Mrs.

You need a full-size 9-passenger van. The carmakers haven’t sold them to the general public for years, but they still do them as fleet sales. Government auctions might be the best place to look, since they use a lot of them in universities, the forest service, conservation corps, etc. and the government motor pools usually do a good job of maintaining them.

Thanks for the input- I like the idea of adding reinforcement to 3rd Row area-I have looked under the carpet-theres no exsiting anchor holes or hardware. I’ll check into gas tank location.
I was interested in the Sprinter-but have heard some horror stories on reliability-did I mention I work for a Ford Dealership? (I’m sure theres some bias)

I would not trust the safety of my kids to my modifications of a van. Find one with enough factory seats and belts.

I’m accepting contributions to “the cause” . Just teasing, I appreciate your emphasis on safety, I can’t imagine how much guilt I would feel if one of my children were injured due to my trying to save a buck. Thanks for your frankness!

What about a used Expedition XL with the front bench and 3rd row options? I’ll be the price is excellent. Maybe your dealer has one on the lot or can trade for one nearby.

I’d Be Looking At A Small-Size School Bus. According To My Calculations, You’ll Have 14 kids, Just Six Years From Now!

I’m not sure what he meant for sure, but an MD friend of mine once advised the mother of seven with a similar transportation dilemma, to try aspirin, of all things. The strange part is that he didn’t tell her to swallow it. He recommended that she hold it tightly between her knees. Go figure!

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