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Need recommendations for a 7 seater vehicle

Hi guys we are expecting child number 2 and my parents are moving in with us so our family is going from 3 to 6… I’m looking to buy a 1 to 2 year old car I’m a bit biased against minivans but am open to testing them I’m looking for a good vehicle that won’t also break the bank… I appreciate any and all recommendations

Not many things do what you want any better than a minivan. Seriously only you can make this decision. Use the web and search used vehicle sites near you.

You could put 7 passenger vehicle in your search engine .

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you want to comfortably sit that many people, you’ll need to look at minivans. Out of curiosity, why are you biased against them? Even though our 05 Town & Country can be a royal headache at times (when I’m fixing things lol), I love having it. It comfortably drives everyone around, and I can haul a LOT of stuff in it without even using the roof rack.

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I think you’re stuck with a minivan. SUVs usually won’t let you strap in two baby seats and still have easy access to the rear (third row) seats.

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My Brother is looking for the same sort of vehicle, trying to avoid a minivan at all costs but need a 3rd row. A few Toyota’s have been suggested (Highlander/Sequoia/4Runner) but they’re still trying to find the one that checks all their boxes. There are several on the market but what brands you prefer will help narrow down the choices.

SUV third rows are difficult to get into and often too small for adults. This means child seats in the third row. Placing the child in the seat will be like doing it in a coupe. I suggest you both reconsider minivans. Take a look at Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey, and Mazda CX-9. The only way to get comparable room is in a full size SUV, and they will be tens of thousands more, even as used vehicles.

Yep. Minivans for used but no longer made for new so you are stuck with a Toyota 3 seater. I think its a big marketing mistake but that’s what the trend is. My BIL just went through this.

Another vote for the minivan. You will not regret it.

Not knowing how tall the wife is I still say the difference in placing a child in a car seat in a mini van with sliding doors is much easier than a SUV that she might half to stand on the running board. As for the aging parents getting in and out of the mini van is easier. So put your macho ego in storage and do what’s best for your family.


AND . . with more people comes . . more stuff !
stop counting seats and start looking at SPACE for everyone and everything.

My 08 Expedition EL . .yes, the long one . . gets too small real fast with only three big kids ( now 11,13, 17. )
On a shopping day-trip to Albuquerque they bring all their games, pillows, drink cooler, munchies etc . .and THEN we go to the store and get MORE stuff !

I too used to “try and avoid minivans”, largely for image/ego reasons.

Then I grew up a bit, traded in my two door truck on a Honda Odyssey…and I’ve been a believer ever since. In fact, last year we traded that one in on a 2012 model.

You’ll not find a better vehicle solution for a family. Just give in and go to your local Honda dealer, etc. Good luck.


@Volvo_v70 - gone. thanks.

Get a Ford explorer with an extended cab. …