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Tom's MIT friend and the pronunciation of "Magliozzi"

On a recent show Tom’s friend from the MIT 4:15 club pronounced Magliozzi as “Mag-lee-oh-nee”; but that doesn’t seem to be how Tom and Ray pronounce their name now. It’s more like “Maw-yaht-zee” is how they pronounce it currently. Did Tom and Ray change the preferred pronunciation at some point?

I’ve heard the “l” as in “Mawl-yah’-tsee,” which is standard Italian pronunciation.

No, they never changed. It’s always been Mahl-yahtzee. It’s everyone else who has varying renditions.

My favorite is Tommy’s drill sergeant in the army who called him Prahvit Mag-lee-ozee.

why do they say the tappet bros?

I believe they call themselves Click and Clack as a spoof on Frick and Frack.

(And we know they are quite familiar with old ice skaters because they refer to Sonia Henie’s tutu!)

So what makes a click/clack sound on a car? Valve tappets. Hence they are Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers.