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Tommy's "snorting" laugh

Does anyone agree with me that Tommy’s (I think) snorting laugh is funny? Once or twice is cute, but all the time is disgusting.

Ray, is that you posting under a pseudonym, again??

Actually, when it comes to snorting, I think Ray’s the guilty party, at least some times, but I could be wrong, too. Once they get going and crack each other up, it’s hard to sort out all the diverse bodily sounds that emanate from the studio and tell what came from whom.

The snort comes from gasping for air when laughing. Yeah, it’s annoying, but it’s just a bad habit, and we all have some. Part of being a friend is trying to overlook one another’s bad habits. Brothers, however, have a moral responsibility to point out all their sibling’s failures in minute detail. It’s really you, Tommy, posting this, right?

They have talked about it on air, and it is Ray doing it. It is unintentional, and I think, infrequent. It doesn’t bother me a bit.

I think it’s funny that even his snorting has a “Bostonian” accent! :slight_smile: