BRUT Segment Spawns "Out of the Mouths of Babes" Moment

Our son (age 7) and daughter (age 10) have been fans of Car Talk since PBS aired the cartoon version of the show several years ago. Last Saturday (4/14/12) as I was chauffering them to baseball and play practice, we were listening to Tom and Ray. They especially enjoyed the last segment–Beth’s thesis about a woman’s appearance after more than 3 hours in the car. We all had a good giggle.

Later that weekend, as we were snarfing down our fettuccini on Sunday night since we were running late to play practice, our daughter was sharing interesting facts she had learned at school about the insect world. She informed us that her class was going to be raising praying mantises and feeding them fruit flies. Not missing an opportunity to antagonize her younger brother, she went on to comment how some female praying mantises will bite off their mate’s head and eat him for dinner. To rub this in a bit further, she exclaimed “Boy, am I sure glad I’m a girl!!” Without missing a beat, our son replied, “Well, at least I’ll never be ‘road ugly’!!”

Needless to say, my husband and I had alfredo sauce coming out our noses.

–Jolene in BOCOMO


Thanks for the best laugh of the day.

"Later that weekend, as we were snarfing down our fettuccini ... my husband and I had alfredo sauce coming out our noses."
Don't choke on the arugula.

BTW, it’s fettucina (s), fettuccine (p), or fettucini (p), never fettuccini.

I love it! Spelling be dammed!

Thanks a million for the laugh.

Sexism on Wheels
by xxxx

Very bad retro idea, what year are we living in anyway? This is pure sexism, this judging women negatively on their appearance and making a joke about it. We should be way past that now. I don’t plan to listen to your broadcast until you issue an apology to your listeners.

On the audio show page, someone posted this comment. Um, okay, but it was a woman who brought this up, she is the one who judged women negatively by their appearance, including her own. And, the brothers do make jokes, that is why the show is so popular. I notice with interest this commenter did not seem to be bothered by the joke in the opening segment about murdering men, which pretty well says it all.

BRUT is caused by the time shift due to the velocity of the car.