Tom, is this your car?

Tom & Ray, I live in the small town of Kent, Connecticut. Every year our local library raffles off a car. They used to be new cars, but last year it was some older spiffy Porshe. This year it’s:

“CAR RAFFLE ? The Red 1952 MG TD Roadster is calling for someone. It could be you! Tickets are only $10 and are available at the Library.”

This your car Tom?


PS. No, I have not bought a ticket. Why would I want one of these?

They are as rare as snow in Florida in July around here, but the only old car they seem to talk about is a Fiat, Your ten dollar investment could cost thousands, count me in, any link to ticket purchases?

Actually, Tommy’s '52 TD has often been talked about and photos posted on this very site. He also apparently owns (or owned) a Dodge Dart.

I wouldn’t mind a TD myself. But the real prize would be a 4-seater MG roadster. MG made one I believe some time in the '30s(?) but I cannot remember the designation.