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Ask Joe about Tommy's old Fiat

As you might have heard, our pal Joe Wiesenfelder at is donating the proceeds of the sale of his old Fiat, to his local NPR station, WBEZ in Chicago. So what? Well, the Fiat was owned by our very own Tom Magliozzi, for many years.

Joe's donating the car via the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program. The program is donating all their time toward the Fiat auction, so every cent will go to our pals at WBEZ. You can get more info on supporting your local NPR station by donating an old or unused vehicle, right here.

Oh Tommy, say it ain’t so.

If I buy it, would I have to pay in a fiat currency?

You forgot to mention that after the recent Chrysler/Fiat marriage, that this Fiat is now a step-sister to the very collectible E-Body 1971 Plymouth Cuda Hemi Convertible that sold for $3 Million at Barret Jackson.

Not so sure I would want this car but I watched the video and Joe is really cute. Is he single? If so, which team?

Can we please see the Carfax report for it?

Oh, and is the service manual translated into English, or is it the “original” service manual in Italian?

To answer all the questions, without the annoying @yournamehere format:

I don’t know what a Fiat currency is, but I suspect it would be worthless. Only U.S. dollars will be accepted.

If the Chrysler connection raises the Spider’s value (ha!), by all means, mention it.

I am single, and though I’m looking for a sugar mama, I am not up for auction here. You’re better off with the Spider, and that’s saying something.

The service manual is in English – quite well translated, actually, with plenty of photos. As for the CarFax report, I think we did the search years ago and there wasn’t one. Too old, perhaps? You’re welcome to try.

Any other questions? Feel free to post. We’re here all week.


Okay, Joe, I don’t believe for one minute that you’re a real person. Tom and Ray made your character up and you’re really an actor, right? I know this because I was in Chicago a couple of weeks ago, and it’s really important to Chicagoans what team you root for. Based on what I was told, you should be a Cubs fan, unless you live in Hyde Park. But you avoided the question. So you don’t really exist. At least, not in Chicago.

So I’m not a real Fiat owner, I just play one on the web? Preposterous. I don’t think Ravenswood’s question was about that kind of team, though, and I don’t know how I feel about being asked, but I did answer that question with mention of a sugar mama. As for the other teams, if forced to choose, it would be the Sox, because the family indeed comes from the South Side, but I don’t have much use for either of them.

Now, can we get back to the car questions? We’ve lost control of our discussion board!