Since it seems to be such a pain



… has Tommy ever thought about selling your MG? I’m old enough to still think they are really cool.


I’ll give Tommy $10’s for it.


The brothers don’t visit here.

I agree that they’re cool. Back in the very early '70s I had an opportunity to buy an MGTF. Yup, that’s an F on the end. They were rare, but there it is.

They’re cool toys but almost totally useless as a year around means of daily transportation. Frankly, they always were. They were a cheap means of transport in a war-devastated Europe and many came home with our troops after the war ended. And the legend was born.


Has Tommy ever thought about selling my MG?
Wouldn’t that be rather presumptuous (not to mention illegal) for him to sell someone else’s car?


Remember, they have a garage and the vast wealth of PBS, second only to Jay Leno in supporting old cars. Can you afford to keep it running ?