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Today's show (July 7)

What was the name and artist for that song “stuck on the beltway”? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

“On The Beltway” Artist: Karen Collins & The Backroads Band

Hearing from the lady who drove her Lumina into the lake in reaction to the spider reminded me of my old “Tom” habits…Years ago when I lived in Tucson, I drove a 72 MGB that perpetually had the top down. As a heat protection habit, whenever parked I would lean both seats forward and drape a towel over the steering wheel and shift knob. One night when I was pumping gas into the car, I noticed that in the space behind the passenger seat were some spider webs and one very contented looking black widow. I did decide to be just a bit more aware of what was in the car from that point on!