The spider web conspiracy is offical

After so many reports of spiders making webs in evap emissions equipment Mazda has initated a recall over the issue. I have only sketchy details, it looks like just the Mazda 6 (never saw one) and only about 60,000 vehicles. Let’s see where this one goes. I have been hearing spider web reports for years, finally something official. I say “conspiracy” only in jest as I know spiders cannot conspire to attack a certain model car,although the Japanese did train all those bats way back when.

Wow. Just when I thought I’d heard everything. I had to look this one up. It’s legit. Wierd, but legit.

This has been a recognized problem on certain Hyundai models for a few years, so I am not surprised to hear that it affects other brands as well.

Toyota’s, Nissan’s, and Hyundai’s can have the same problem with spiders building nests in the EVAP system. Seen it.


Really? Never?

This is the exact text on the TSB for my 1996 Maxima:

“3. Make sure the water separator and related hoses are not blocked by debris or insects.”

I only know this because, well, mine was “blocked by debris or insects”, and it set my CEL.

This TSB is from July 17, 2000.

Connect a hose to your exhaust pipe and the other end through a partially opened window and seal off the rest of that window with duct tape. Start the engine - GET OUT OF THE CAR - and let the fumes fill the car for 20 minutes. Then hold your breath, open the driver side door, get in, shut the engine off - GET OUT OFF THE CAR - open up all the other doors and air the car out for 20 minutes. Repeat if necessary.