To Repair or not repair - and what should I pay

My 2002 PT Cruiser always had oil consumption issues. My son was driving the car in Nov 2007 - yes 2007 - when it cut off on him. I was out of town. I got a call from the wife stating it was being towed to Firestone. My mechanic said the engine was blown as my son was driving the vehicle without any oil and I would need a new engine. They don’t do engines and the car was towed to my driveway. There it has sat since. Can I and should I attempt to fix this vehicle. My issue is is it worth fixing: 1) will it run OK, 2) has time made muck of other parts, 3) will a new engine fix the oil consumption problems, 4) will the repair cost me more than the vehicle is or will be worth?

Do a search for same car online. Find out used prices. Ur car should be low miles. Than we can discuss motor replace math.

  1. put some oil in it, turn the key, and let us know what happens.
  2. time isn’t the enemy here…neglect is.
  3. unknown. A remanufactured engine should, but if it too is neglected…
  4. Perhaps. But of the rest of the vehicle is in good shape, it’ll be cheaper than getting a new one.

How “blown” is it? Is it seized? If not, try putting oil in it, try starting it, and see what happens. If it runs without blowing too much smoke, than why get a new motor just to neglect that one too?

Let us know how you make out.