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2011 Nissan Frontier - Paint flakes

2011 NISSAN FRONTIER white paint flakes off around the upper front fender.

Send us some good pics

I mean, the car is 9 years old with an unknown history of whether it was regularly washed and/or waxed. It lives in an unknown climate with an unknown number of miles on it. @BillyLynn ya gotta give us a little more to work with here!

It’s fairly simple, the Frontier is in good shape I was washing it the other day and a the paint on the front passenger fender started to flake off when I rinsed it with the garden hose… I stopped dried the area and used touch up paint to seal the flaked area. The area is about one inch by one half inch. My intent is to have it painted at a local shop because the factory paint is very soft and scratches easily.

Thank you for your followup post, Billy. Sounds like you have things under control so why did you post? Do you need some help or just letting us know?

I was wondering about the same thing.

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My intention was to find out if other Frontier owners had the same problem, did Nissan have a recall on the paint and to share my paint issue with other Frontier owners.

Recalls are typically done only in regard to safety issues, or major mechanical issues.

You may want to check with a Nissan specific forum for that specifically, ours is a more general forum.

not likely, but you could go to their website and put your VIN in to search for recalls

And once again the ( Ask Anyone site ) misleads people into thinking they are only contacting owners of the same vehicle they have.

Just for the sake of conversation I seem to notice that the quality of automobile paint has been in decline for several decades. I have heard that VOC regulations are the reason but that’s just internet chatter.

Just an observation, all makes have paint problems, but seems I see many more Pacific rim vehicles with the clear coat worn off.

Did you buy this vehicle new? If not, there’s a pretty fair chance it may have been hit and repainted at some point.

I forget the exact numbers but I seem to remember a tech article in an automotive journal once which stated that something like 35% of all vehicles 7 years or older have been tapped at one time or another. And some twice.

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More often than we might think, brand new vehicles suffer damage during transport to or while at dealerships, are repaired, and the buyer is made none the wiser.

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You are correct on that. A Subaru dealer I worked for allowed a guy to use a Subaru demo that had already been sold to a local doctor and a few hours later the guy hit a deer at 70 MPH. The car was repaired and the good doctor had no idea.

The owner of the body shop I use had been the body shop manager at a major dealership, yes a lot of the new cars they received required touch ups here or there.

My experience with some of the imports, 2001 Isuzu Trooper the paint is extremely thin and did not adhere well to the non metal surfaces. Over the years the paint would simply peal off the fender flares and the bumpers. My 2011 Nissan Frontier the paint along with the primer started flaking off from the water pressure out of a garden hose. It could be a flaw in the artic white paint or a bad combination of paint , corrosion treatment and primer. The flakes of paint and primer are fairly thick to the naked eye and the exposed surface left behind looked perfect. My temporary fix…go over the vehicle and seal every scratch and chip in the paint with Nissan’s touch up paint. A coat of wash n wax before using the paste or liquid wax.