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To Keep or To Sell

I have a '91 Maxima with 212,000 miles on it. I replaced the engine 4 years ago. The car has a lot of heart but has slowly been

deteriorating. Most recently, I think it might need a new fuel pump, the fuel injectors cleaned, and the transmission fluid drained, as well as new brakes, and I am just waiting for the timing belt to go out. Also, the car dies when I run the AC which is kind of sucky because I live in Florida. So, do I dump money into the Maxima or do I buy another, older car ($4000) is my budget. Suggestions?

This has an interference engine, so if your timing belt breaks your car will be worthless. Sell this Maxima soon and buy something newer with fewer miles before you’re forced to spend a bunch of money on this car just to sell it.

If it were mine I would just get the maintenance caught up and keep rocking on.

You can’t get much for $4k and with this car you don’t have to worry about a car payment.

The A/C issue should be solved easily by a good mechanic.

Consider trying for 300,000 out of your Maxima?