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To fix or not to fix

I have a 2000 Ford Windstar and I think the transmission may be almost out. The fix would probably cost more than the van itself. What should I do?

Junk it?

If you can buy a running replacement Windstar cheaper (with a working tranny), do it.

Keep this one also, then you’ll have a full set of replacement parts when something else breaks down.

What makes you think it has worn out the transmission?

I’m not 100% sure but it has a history of slipping alot and has had work done already to try to fix that. More recently it started slipping again and then really started having a hard time when initially put into gear (first only reverse-now all gears). Light would come on etc. Transmission fluid looks clean and at good levels. I’m too cheap right now to go check the light code. The back shocks need replaced in the near future too so I’m just wondering if it’s worth it or to sell it for parts.

My son had the transmission go out in a 1999 Ford Windstar about 6 years ago and it was repaired at an independent shop for around $1200 dollars. This past spring, the transmission went out on the 2000 Ford Windstar he owned and the repair at an independent shop where he now lives was $1600. In both cases the transmission had to come out and both vehicles had around 130,000 miles at the time of the transmission failure. Find a good independent shop and get an estimate, then decide.

Tell us how many miles are on your Windstar, how you use the minivar, whether it is your only transportation, etc. and then we can give you a more informed opinion.

Evaluate the overall conditions of your Windstar, consider the miles on the odometer and how you use the minivan.