To Find a Subaru Crosstrek


No, it’s not what Car Talk wants.

Please, folks, she is right. The post she’s referencing from Cavell questioned her choice and called people who like Subarus difficult. Kinda harsh from someone you’ve not met. You don’t know who is behind these newcomer posts.

It’s also harsh to be calling each other racist fearmongers, but by the time a thread has devolved to that level it’s usually time to close it.


I have been called-- for no good reason-- all of those things. While you are correct that we cannot control others, one does become a bit tired of internet savagery, and this post drives me to call for a dial back on the nastiness. No one knows what others are going through. Why make an already nasty planet worse by biting folks we have never met?


I looked at those colors and really there is a nice dark blue, and nice dark gray, and of course always black and white. I’ve only ordered GM cars but I found that the GM designers spend a lot of time putting color combinations together that look good on a particular car. Some colors just don’t look very good on some cars as opposed to others.


Looks like the Forester has a Green option. I do not know the difference in models.


The Forester is somewhat more expensive than the smaller Crosstrek, and I suspect that the OP doesn’t want to pay more than what she would have to pay for a Crosstrek.


2 grand for the color you want should not be a deal breaker.


If you are talking about buying a different model, OK. But if you are talking about changing colors on a new car what a mess. It’ll never be right. You’ve got the doors and under the panels, under the trunk, under the hood, and all the disassembly needed to make it look right such as along the fenders, pulling the rubber seals, etc. Wow, no way. Not to mention the plates will always have the wrong code on them.


I was talking about switching to a forester where the color that seems close is still available.


Your best option right now is to buy one with the interior color you like and have the car wrapped in dark green. Even if Subaru had a dark green in their system on another model they would be reluctant to do a color without testing that the paint would come out right on the bumpers and other panels.

Bmw and Porsche have some special request colors including dark greens that on a Bmw can run between $5,000- $7,500 and add several weeks if not months to the order. Porsche has a rainbow of options that aren’t in the brochure but now charges about $12,000 and the timing at the factory is not easy to predict.

I’m not sure if the Forester’s green is much different from the one offered when i bought my 2015 but on the website it looks like a similar very light green that’s almost gray. I have the blue quartz paint on mine and while i would have loved to be able to get one in dark green it wasn’t possible.

If you want a well done installation with materials that will last a wrap can be $5,000 or more but could be done much quicker than having a paint shop do a complete color change. More commonly done on high end cars where the owners want something unique or to be able to change colors every year or two.

Sadly it’s been awhile since the dark green’s were in fashion with car makers.


The Forester was one of my objects of consideration, but I decided I did not need something quite as large now. Hubby owns and Impreza and Daughter a Crosstrek. They say both cars are quite agile, which attracts me as right now I have a Honda CRV (a very good car, but rather more ungainly). Also…the Forester has gotten rather too suburban a look for me. I like the looks of those made 12 years ago better. :neutral_face:


There must be areas that aren’t covered by the wrap, like under the hood and maybe the door sills. I’m not familiar with wrapping, but would the shop take the doors off and remove the silll plates to make the car seem fully green? Based on the colors I saw, it seems like one of the blacks would be the only color that wouldn’t be obviously different from dark green.


Actually, Hubby gets to finalise my choice and I do not think he would approve another couple of thousand for a paint job. I can just see his face now. :scream: I’m thinking I will have to opt for red.


I can just see what would happen If I told my wife I had final say so on a vehicle she wanted.


I know it doesn’t cover everywhere, but either a black or dark blue would complement the forest green very nicely


I don’t know how to say this exactly but @Cavell made a comment that wasn’t well received. So for the last few days I’ve noted a lot of Subie questions here. Then I see the generally low number of sales of Subarus. Not like Chevy and Ford anyway. So I just started wondering if the CarTalk clientele is not more likely to be Subaru owners than the general population? And what does that mean? I dunno, just an observation. Same as it seems some occupations are more inclined to buy certain brands when we had the “foreign car parking lot count comparison” a while back. Didn’t seem like we got a real random sample.