To clutch or not to clutch


I came a across a terrific deal on a GM dual mass flywheel. I decided to use it to replace a damaged solid mass flywheel. This is in a 1998 K3500 truck 6.5D, with 5 speed,internal clutch slave. Here’s the problem… The dual mass flywheel is about 1/2in. thicker than the solid mass flywheel, as a result it moved the entire assmbly back, causing the internal slave to engage the clutch (open it) and being as the internal slave is fixed in dimension (not adjustable), I have a problem getting my truck to move… any ideas? Short of another truck and a tow rope…


You’ll need to get the correct flywheel, or replace ALL of the clutch components to match the system of the new flywheel. I would get the correct flywheel, since I’m not sure exactly what other components will need to be swapped to make this work. Just swapping the slave cylinder may not do it unless you also get a matching master. Then, hope they will fit the transmission casing properly, and bolt to the firewall correctly, line up with the existing pedal, etc. Your choice, good luck.