To all mothers

Have a Wonderful Mothers Day


Plus 2. My wife is having a wonderful day. I bought her a new vacuum. Only the best. All the bells and whistles, dual motor, 40 foot cord, HEPA filter, LED lights, and made in USA. Cost more than my snow blower. Just kidding. I bought it for myself-I do all the vacuuming. She got flowers and gift cards. Don’t know about dinner though. Too cold to eat outside and not quite ready to eat inside.

Mothers are a special breed. Mine is dead but I put flowers at the cemetery anyway.

My mothers ashes in the garden at the cabins, think I might have run over them last year getting the boat in place, She is ok with that I think.

My Mother the Car is an American [fantasy]
(Sitcom - Wikipedia) that aired for a single season on NBC between September 14, 1965, and April 5, 1966. Thirty episodes were produced by United Artists Television. The premise features a man whose deceased mother is reincarnated as an antique car, and she communicates with him through the car radio. a 1928 Porter automobile

Anyone else remember this?

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Absolutely. It’s still on from time to time on Decades or some such channel.

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I do. It was a hoot. Mom would have been 98 yesterday. I took my wife out to a Greek place Friday evening for an early Mother’s Day. Gave her candy and a card today.

Cooking up lobster tails, asparagus, hollendaise and taters.

You are right Mothers are a special breed mine also passed but where would we be if not for Mothers?

Had a nice walk downtown with mine on Friday, since I had to work today, we even ran into a few old friends that Mom see’s around town more often than I do.