TKX pilot size and sealing the shifter

I want to start this by saying thank you to every person who responded to my previous thread with suggestions and help. And now I must apologize because I will basically be disregarding it.

I finally was able to buy a tkx and decided it would be both more enjoyable and reliable that the Muncie, especially since I’m not a master mechanic.

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the pilot bushing size was for the TKX because I’m struggling to find it. Also I know I’m going to need to flip the shifter and when I do, will I need to buy another gasket to reseal it? I can’t find a gasket online so it gives me hope I won’t have to. Thanks

The TKX uses the standard GM .593" pilot bearing.

Below is a Modern Driveline video showing a Muncie to TKX install, at 10:15 it is explained that the 26 spline Muncie input shaft is the same as the TKX.

Part 1 of 5-part Series/ MDL modified TKX in to a '67 Chevelle - Modern Driveline


Awesome, thank you. I just saw a couple different numbers probably for completely unrelated things but it’s always nice to check and get it right the first time.