Title Transfer (FL to TX)

Hello all! I recently purchased a used car in Florida, flew out there and drove it home. The owner had a lien on the vehicle, paid it off, and I just received the title but he didn’t fill out any of the bottom portion with the name, addresses, mileage, etc. The bank signed the lien-release part at the top though.

My question is, do I need to send it back for him to fill out or does the release from the bank constitute as a proper transfer?

Thank you. =)

Just call up your local DMV. That’s a 30 second phone call and will answer your question.

Don’t even think about mailing the title back to the other owner or you will never see it again. Motor Vehicles might have you verify the current mileage. You don’t need the previous owner for that. The bottom half may be his disclaimer form for his own protection. There are places on the registration for a second release and don’t write anything there.